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NU-WRF stands for NASA Unified WRF. It is an augmented WRF code with additional software developed at NASA. Although it is distributed with a suite of other softwares, we are only using it to run CABLE through LIS and coupling CABLE to WRF via LIS. To do so we only port the following softwares from NU-WRF:

  • WRF
  • LDT
  • LIS

All other softwares are untested by the CMS team.

Access to NU-WRF

This software suite is under license, anyone affiliated with CLEX is able to use it. You will need to request access to the code though.

All the codes necessary to run CABLE-LIS and CABLE-WRF are hosted on Bitbucket.Please create a Bitbucket account for yourself.

In addition to the model source code, we have put together a software suite to manage configurations for CABLE-LIS or CABLE-WRF. You will find all the information on accessing the model source code and setting up the configurations on the wiki for the configuration software (under Bitbucket).