Migrate umui experiment project

Instructions to migrate a umui experiment from one project to another on accessdev/gadi.

The umui doesn't specify the project, at least not by default. Instead it should always run the experiments with your default project, set on accessdev in ~/.rashrc and on gadi in ~/.config/gadi-login.conf (Which is why it might be a good idea to ensure they're using the same project.)

Of course you might have specified paths in the configuration, some of which might contain the hard-coded project, for example /scratch/w35/hxw599 instead of /scratch/$PROJECT/$USER If you are worried about this, you can export the experiment to a text file, by default ~/umui_jobs/basis_<jobid>.<version> , and then search in this text file for the old project, and replace it with the new one (or better yet, $PROJECT ) That's the best way to ensure that all references to the old project are updated. When you then import it again, all the paths should have changed.

If you have any questions, just ask the CMS team.