Migrate payu experiment project

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Instructions to migrate a payu experiment from one project to another on gadi.  


  • new project: the NCI project code for the project to which the experiment has been migrated (these instructions use w40 as an example, replace w40 with the appropriate project)
  • control directory: location where the model is run (contains config.yaml file)
  • model: the name of the model in your experiment (these instructions use access-esm as an example, replace access-esm with the appropriate model name)
  • laboratory directory: location of the archive and work directories, e.g. /scratch/w40/user/access-esm, where user is your NCI username.

These instructions assume that the laboratory directory has already been copied from the /scratch directory of the original project to the scratch directory of the new project.

If the laboratory directory is at the top level of your /scratch directory, e.g. /scratch/w40/user/access-esm:

Edit the config.yaml in the control directory and add

shortpath: /scratch/w40

if there is no shortpath option, or change it to the new project code if there is already a shortpath option defined.

Otherwise, if the laboratory directory is located at some sub-directory path in your /scratch directory:

Edit the config.yaml in the control directory and add the full path to the model laboratory directory

laboratory: /scratch/w40/user/subdirectorypath/access-esm

if there is already a shortpath option remove it