Melbourne University data requirements and tools

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Data management

Melbourne University provides a program training to guide researchers and students on creating a DMP for their research data. Managing Data@Melbourne is the university data management program training. It consists of 6 short modules which will guide you through drafting your data management plan

Data storage and publishing

| Figshare is the tool used to store and share data, as well DOIs can be created for the datasets. Storage is limited to 100 Gb and it’s not available for PhD students (it should soon)

When you leave

“The institutional figshare service will end on the same day you leave the University. Everything that has been published through figshare will be permanently available and the DOIs will be maintained and managed by the University. Any unpublished files and data that you wish to keep must be exported or transferred to an alternative storage solution before your end date at the University.”

e-research services

VicNode is a joint venture between Monash University and The University of Melbourne on behalf of all Victorian universities aimed at providing storage, sharing and long-term retention of research data for all researchers. They use the | Mediaflux service to manage data You can check more information and keep updated on similar services on the | research platforms blog