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The Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) is a collaborative project for developing atmosphere, ocean and other earth-system simulation components for use in climate, regional climate and weather studies. [[1]]. The Atmospheric component of the model is now available for use on Raijin.



Pre-built Module

A pre-built version of MPAS is available in the ACCESS modules:

module use ~access/modules
module load mpas/5.0

Once the module is loaded the data files are located in the directory $MPAS_DATA:


Building MPAS

ARCCSS CMS maintains a branch of MPAS at This branch has some minor changes required to build the model on Raijin. To set up the build environment:

$ git clone
$ cd MPAS-Release
$ source environment.raijin

You can then build individual cores with e.g. make ifort CORE=atmosphere, see the | User's Guide for full details


See the | User's Guide for details on how to run the model. A number of idealised test cases as well as meshes for different resolutions are available from the | MPAS download site. The $MPAS_DATA directory has all of the TBL, DBL and namelist files required to run MPAS

cp $MPAS_DATA myrun
cd myrun
# Edit configuration then qsub `run-atmosphere.pbs`


| MPAS Home Page | Atmosphere User's Guide

| ARCCSS MPAS Github | Main MPAS Github