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=List of Experiments=
#REDIRECT [[UM Experiments]]
This is currently under construction.
To add new experiments, first press the plus sign next to "Pages and Files" on the left, give it a name, and select the ExperimentTemplate in the "Use a Template" box. Then fill in the details as much as possible. Afterwards, edit this page to include a link to your newly created file. Thanks.
==ACCESS 0.x==
* [[ACCESS0.X-N48]]
* [[ACCESS0.X Slab Ocean | ACCESS0.X-N48 Slab Ocean]]
* [[ACCESS0.X Slab ReOsc | ACCESS0.X-N48 Slab ENSO-ReOsc]]
* [[ACCESS0.X KPP | ACCESS0.X-N48 KPP-ocean]]
==ACCESS 1.0==
Uses HadGEM2 and MOSES.
* [[ACCESS1.0-N48]]
* [[ACCESS1.0 AMIP]]
* [[ACCESS1.0 CMIP]]
==ACCESS 1.3==
Uses HadGEM3 and CABLE
* [[ACCESS1.3 N48 | ACCESS1.3 N48 (Low Resolution)]]
* [[ACCESS1.3 N48 Slab Ocean]]
* [[ACCESS1.3 N48 KPP Ocean]]
* [[ACCESS1.3 AMIP]]
* [[ACCESS1.3 CMIP]]
* [[ACCESS1.3 N96 Slab Ocean]]
* [[ACCESS1.3b AMIP]]
* [[ACCESS1.3b AMIP Land Use Change]]
* [[ACCESS1.3b AMIP new CABLE hydrology]]
* [[ACCESS1.3b AMIP Medlyn stomatal conductance in CABLE]]
==ACCESS 1.4==
Uses HadGEM3 and CABLE 2
==ACCESS 2.0==
Uses GA6 and CABLE 2
* [[ACCESS-CCM]] GA4 UKCA Atmosphere coupled to ACCESS-OM 2.0

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