Large Ensembles

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We are in the process of collecting all the available Large Ensemble models data in one place for convenience. We usually download only subset of these models, folowing users requests, because of their huge size. If you need more of this data depedning on the size we might have to consult with the Infrastructure Committee before downloading it as there is not dedicated storage allocated to it.  


Large Ensembles at NCI

The dataset are accessible on gadi in the ua8 project:


The CESM1-CAM-BGC-LE, CCSM and CESM1-LME subsets are actually stored in ua6 and they are only linked in ua8 for convenience.

To actually get access to them you will need access to ua6.

NB ua6 process is in the process of being decomissioned so as for the data in ua8 these are all temporary solutions.


20CRv3 -> 

CESM1-CAM5-BGC-LE -> /g/data/ua6/CESM1-CAM5-BGC-LE/

CESM1-LME -> /g/data/ua8/LE_models/CESM1-LME/

CCSM -> /g/data/ua6/CCSM/

OLENS - Observational Large Ensemble. McKinnon, Karen, 2017, "Members of the Observational Large Ensemble",, Harvard Dataverse, V1