How to run WRF

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NCAR provides a detailed | tutorial on how to run WRF, but note:

  • Skip the configure and compile steps of the NCAR tutorial and go straight to the Basics tab. You should have followed the NCI-specific installation instructions for building the model at NCI before attempting to run the model
  • Skip the geogrid, ungrib, and metgrid steps as these are included and compiled during the installation step
  • To run the | January 2000 tutorial case do not download the metgrid data, is it available at NCI, see below
  • When the tutorial says to run the model see below for local run scripts

Data for the tutorial

The data needed to run the | January 2000 tutorial case is stored under /projects/WRF/data/JAN00 at NCI and the geographical data (needed for all runs) are under /projects/WRF/data/WPS_GEOG

Run scripts for real.exe and wrf.exe

Example scripts to submit real.exe and wrf.exe to the queues (do not try to run these on the login nodes) are provided under WRFV3/run. The files are named run_real.exe and run_mpi.exe. Those files are good to use as is for the tutorial. For other configurations, feel free to configure those to your needs.