Hand Edits

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Template:Pre UM10 This information is only for versions of the UM before 10.0

UM Hand Edits

Hand edits are the UMUI's mechanism for applying changes to runs beyond the options available from within the UMUI

To request a new hand edit or report bugs email [| climate_help@nf.nci.org.au]

Upgrade Vayu data paths

  • ~access/raijin/data-paths.sh

This hand-edit upgrades a job to use the ~access/data directory for ancillaries, rather than the /projects/data/access directory used on Vayu (the change was due to a new file-system layout on Raijin).

Run on the Express queue

  • ~access/raijin/make_express.sh

This hand edit sets a job to run on Raijin's express queue, rather than the default normal queue. This means that a job will start running quicker, but will cost more SU & has limits on how big it can be

Run on Gadi

  • ~access/gadi/handedits/um7.3
  • ~access/gadi/handedits/um8.5

These handedits modify the PBS flags and build settings of a job to be appropriate for Gadi. They are version specific, please let CMS know if a version you're wanting to run is not available.