Global Atmosphere

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Global Atmosphere (GA) is the name of the UK Met Office's resolution independent global configuration of the Unified Model

It is normally paired with a Global Land (GL) configuration of the JULES land-surface model

It may also be coupled with the NEMO ocean and CICE sea ice models to form the Global Coupled (GC) coupled model (the basis of ACCESS-S)

Met Office documentation of the configuration can be found on the GMED (Global Model Development) website (Requires a MOSRS account)

The configuration is versioned separately from the model code, so you can run a GA 7 job using UM versions from 10.3 to 11.4

GA jobs are run using Rose-Cylc

GA 7.0

These jobs are based off official Met Office releases, ported to NCI

Experiment Id Model Version Met Office Id Notes Performance
u-bo915 11.4 u-bk228 UM On Gadi#UM11.4