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The Global Precipitation Climatology Project, produced by the NASA Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory, comprises threee products: One-Degree Daily (1DD), monthly product and Pentad data. We downloaded the following products:

- daily v1.2  which is the stable and reccommended daily version

- daily v1.3  is the most recent but is still a beta test so you should expect changes

- monthly v2.3 which is the recommended monthly version

The GPCP One-Degree Daily Precipitation Data Set (1DD Data Set) provides daily, global 1x1-deg gridded fields of precipitation totals for October 1996 through the delayed present. The 1DD draws upon several different data sources, surface and satellite measurements, covering different areas of the globe. This product is updated sporadically, about once a month. We downloaded v1.3 daily and v2-3 monthly from the NCEI server, and v1.2 from the NCAR Research Data Archive . More information is available from the GPCP webpage .

And detailed documentation is available from the NCEI data server for v1-3 daily and v2.3 monthly. This documents are also available on the filesystem in the dataset folder.


Access is free but users are requested to add the official citation as below and email the citation to or


v1.2 Huffman, G. J., D. T. Bolvin, and R. F. Adler. 2016. GPCP Version 1.2 One-Degree Daily Precipitation Data Set. Research Data Archive at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Computational and Information Systems Laboratory. Accessed† 30 Jan 2018.

v1.3 Simply use references, for the moment no specific indication has been given.


Huffman, G. J., R. F. Adler, M. M. Morrissey, D. T. Bolvin, S. Curtis, R. Joyce, B. McGavock, and J. Susskind, 2001: <0036:GPAODD>2.0.CO;2 Global precipitation at one-degree daily resolution from multisatellite observations. J. Hydrometeor., 2, 36-50 (DOI: 10.1175/1525-7541(2001)002<0036:GPAODD>2.0.CO;2).

GPCP on raijin

Data is available in the ua8 project

  • /g/data/ua8/GPCP/<frequency>/<version>/<YYYY>/<files>

       where frequency is mon or day and versions are v1-2 and v1-3 for daily data and v2-3 for monthly

Files are in netcdf4 format and filenames are respectively

  •   for v1.2 daily

where the date is the represented day, for example:

  • gpcp_v01r03_daily_dYYYYMMDD_cYYYYMMDD for v1.3 daily

where the first date is the represented day and the second is the creation date for the file, for example:

same convetions as for daily v1.3

If preliminary files are present (currently applies only to v2.3 monthly) then this is indicated in the filenames as in this example: