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Some of you are collaborating with researchers that are not in Australia. Sometimes you may need to share access to some of your unpublished data with such researchers. When your dataset is quite small, it is easy to setup existing commercial tools (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive,...) to give access to your data. But this is not possible once your dataset reaches a certain size.

To help you with your collaborations, it is now possible to share your dataset with anyone directly from /g/data on raijin without publishing it. This page explains what you need to do.

Require access to ua8 group on if you are not already part of this group.

Copy your data under /g/data1/ua8/tmp/tmp-arccss/

  • It is best to create a subdirectory for your data first then put your data in that directory. Even if it's only 1 file.
  • Make sure your files are world readable, and any directories are world readable and executable. If you don't know what this means or how to do this, contact [| climate_help]
  • Anyone from ua8 can write or delete anything in this directory so make sure to make copies, no links, do not move the original files in there.
  • We will automatically clean this space every week for data older than two weeks.

Write to your collaborator to download the dataset from:

Note that the server is only updated on the evening so it may take up to 24h for your collaborators to see your dataset. If you want to give the exact link to your dataset to your collaborator, go on the website, navigate to your dataset then copy the URL at the top of your browser into your email. The download can be done either manually from the website (for a few files) or with | wget or | Siphon for Python

Delete the data once your collaborator accessed it!

Your data will be discoverable by anyone as long as it is stored in the ua8 directory. So make sure your collaborators copy it quickly and you remove it promptly if it is some work in progress. It is also good behaviour to clean up whether there is an automatic clean up in place or not.

If you don't have an NCI account:

You can still share your data. Contact us at [| climate_help] and we will assist you with getting your data in place.