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There are two known current issues with the ESGF OpenID: one local to the NCI node and one related to external nodes OpenIDs. You might have noticed on the front page of the NCI esg node ( the notice "Local OpenIDs will not work, use OpenIDs generated on other peers."

    • Local issues with the NCI node

The reason for the local OpenID problem has to do with the SSL certificates on the NCI hosts (esg2 and esgnode2). This issue should eventually disappear once the latest ESGF version (1.7) will be installed. Another access issue with the NCI node is a search timeout. Any ESGF node permits searches for data on all ESGF nodes. When you start a search on an ESGF node, it polls all the other nodes to update the local metadata indexes used for searching. The NCI node is no different in that regard, except that for some reason that query process takes quite a bit of time, many minutes. The end result is that if you switch to the "Search" tab on the NCI node right after you log in, you'll get a timeout message, due to the polling. What you need to do is switch to the Search tab, let it time out, wait about ten minutes (it varies), then select the Search tab again, and the search should be able to proceed. You may note that the "Search all sites" option is on by default on the search interface. You may think that unchecking that option would limit the search to the local node only, and it does, but a design fault in the web interface prevents that option from being unchecked until the global metadata poll is complete.

    • Issues with external OpenIDs

In the last few weeks the OpenIDs generated on some ESGF peers have become unworkable. An OpenID should permit access on all ESGF nodes, that access granted by group memberships controlled on the original OpenID host, but some hosts are now having problems with their OpenID group information, preventing access to the users. PCMDI OpenIDs are still working fine and the PCMDI node ( should be your preferred choice if you need an account or also if you have already an account but your OpenID is not working. You might notice this if you try logging into the NCI node using (for example) a DKRZ OpenID. You should get a screen that asks for your group membership (usually "CMIP5 Research"), which will then results in an error screen when you use that group. Showing the groups says "You are not in any groups", but trying to add the "CMIP5 Research" group says "You are already in this group", as in fact should be. This conflicting behaviour is generated by some bug in the 'group' management at the node where you signed up (in the example DKRZ).