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Coupled Model Intercomparison Phase: CMIP5 and CMIP6

The information for CMIP data is available from the NCI | CMIP community space (see NCI communication below)

You will find there:

  • how the data is organised on raijin
  • links to the official documentation
  • how to access the dataset
  • how to cite the data
  • available CMIP relative tools, services and training

This is a "community" resource so you can help in making it more useful by adding comments and feedback.


Home page and experiment description:


Home page and experiment description

Communication from NCI for planned switchover to new CMIP community website:

The CMIP Community website has been refreshed for CMIP6 and NCI is ready to reveal the changes. The planned switchover date is 22nd November. What will change? The website [[1]] will be updated

  • If you have used bookmarks to access pages within that space, you will need to update to the new area.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for then just email [|] and they will get back to you.

Note that you’ll still need to be logged in with your NCI credentials to access the full content available. Features of the new site include the latest updates on CMIP6 and information on tools you can use to search variables and how to check what’s in the queue for download on our NCI ESGF service. NCI will continue to update and add information to this website so your feedback will help them keep this up to date as a useful community resource. Further emails about preparation for CMIP6 will follow in the coming weeks to CMIP groups members (al33, rr3, oi10 and ua6), but feel free to contact them if you have any questions.