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| oi10 ([https://my.nci.org.au/mancini/project/oi10/join join])|| CMIP6 ESGF Replicas  
| oi10 ([https://my.nci.org.au/mancini/project/oi10/join join])|| CMIP6 ESGF Replicas  
| fs38 ([https://my.nci.org.au/mancini/project/fs38/join join])|| CMIP6 Australian Published Data
| al33 ([https://my.nci.org.au/mancini/project/al33/join join])|| CMIP5 ESGF Replicas  
| al33 ([https://my.nci.org.au/mancini/project/al33/join join])|| CMIP5 ESGF Replicas  

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Coupled Model Intercomparison Phase: CMIP3, CMIP5 and CMIP6

NCI is now managing the CMIP collections as well as other ESGF datasets, on behalf of the climate community. We are still collaborating with NCI, CSIRO and BoM on specific points. This means all official communication around CMIP6 is coming from NCI. If you want to receive their regular updates you have to be part of the CMIP groups: oi10 (CMIP6), al33 and rr3 (CMIP5), cb20 (CMIP3).

NCI CMIP Projects

Group ID Purpose
oi10 (join) CMIP6 ESGF Replicas
fs38 (join) CMIP6 Australian Published Data
al33 (join) CMIP5 ESGF Replicas
rr3 (join) CMIP5 Australian Published Data
cb20 (join) CMIP3 ESGF Replicas

The information for CMIP data is available from the CMIP community space 

You will find there:

  • how the data is organised on raijin
  • links to the official documentation
  • how to access the dataset
  • how to cite the data
  • available CMIP relative tools, services and training

This is a "community" resource so you can help in making it more useful by adding comments and feedback.

If you're not an NCI user you can find information on the NCI ESGF node .

We do maintain a query tool: CleF Climate Finder that allows you to explore what CMIP5 and CMIP6 data is available locally. For more information refer to the CleF documentation.


Home page and experiment description: https://pcmdi.llnl.gov/mips/cmip3/

Reminder: CMIP3 data is not anymore accessible in the ua6 project. There is a new project: cb20.


Home page and experiment description: https://cmip.llnl.gov/cmip5/

Reminder: CMIP5 data is not anymore accessible in the ua6 project. There are two new projects: rr3 for the Australian data and al33 for an updated replica of the other models. Refer to the CMIP community site for more information.


Home page and experiment description https://www.wcrp-climate.org/wgcm-cmip/wgcm-cmip6

NCI updates

Attention: Retracted CMIP6 data

20 March at 01:59 PM

Dear CMIP6 data users,

Replicated datasets hosted by NCI on the oi10 project space have been retracted by the source data nodes due to the discovery of erroneous elements to the data. Specifically, the datasets hosted at NCI that are retracted, and the issues reported on the errata service, are:


  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.pr.gn.v20190218
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.pr.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.prc.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.pr.gn.v20190220
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.pr.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.pr.gn.v20190308
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.prc.gn.v20190308
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.pr.gn.v20190308

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=99f28ccc-53b3-68dc-8fb1-f7ca4a2d3393 “pr and prc have incorrect values at daily and monthly timescales due to an incorrect scaling factor”


  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmax.gn.v20190218
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmin.gn.v20190218
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmax.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmin.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmax.gn.v20190220
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.amip.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmin.gn.v20190220
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.tasmax.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2-WACCM.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.tasmin.gn.v20190227
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmax.gn.v20190308
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.Amon.tasmin.gn.v20190308
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.tasmax.gn.v20190308
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NCAR.CESM2.historical.r1i1p1f1.day.tasmin.gn.v20190308

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=3626030c-fd21-8e59-8bea-87c2c5a9f47c “tasmin and tasmax have identical values at daily and monthly timescales”


  • CMIP6.CMIP.NOAA-GFDL.GFDL-CM4.piControl.r1i1p1f1.Omon.tos.gn.v20180701
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NOAA-GFDL.GFDL-CM4.piControl.r1i1p1f1.Omon.tos.gr.v20180701
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NOAA-GFDL.GFDL-CM4.piControl.r1i1p1f1.SImon.siconc.gr.v20180701

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=eac2a6b3-a697-5847-be42-63f50963168f “Incorrect some coordinates and cell_methods in piControl ocean, seaIce variables”


  • CMIP6.CMIP.NOAA-GFDL.GFDL-CM4.piControl.r1i1p1f1.3hr.mrro.gr1.v20180701
  • CMIP6.CMIP.NOAA-GFDL.GFDL-CM4.piControl.r1i1p1f1.3hr.mrro.gr2.v20180701

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=9699331a-3591-97d5-8530-9ab70b17657a “Error in variable "comment" metadata”


  • CMIP6.CMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.historical.r1i1p1f1.3hr.huss.gr.v20180803
  • CMIP6.CMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.piControl.r1i1p1f1.3hr.huss.gr.v20181022
  • CMIP6.ScenarioMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.ssp245.r1i1p1f1.3hr.huss.gr.v20190119
  • CMIP6.ScenarioMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.ssp585.r1i1p1f1.3hr.huss.gr.v20190119

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=19f2d958-8b2a-f69f-ab47-f3d8b13088cf “Instabilities which lead to erroneous values of tas also lead to erroneous values of hurs and huss”


  • CMIP6.CMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.piControl.r1i1p1f1.day.tas.gr.v20180802
  • CMIP6.CMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.piControl.r1i1p1f1.day.tasmax.gr.v20180802
  • CMIP6.CMIP.IPSL.IPSL-CM6A-LR.piControl.r1i1p1f1.3hr.tas.gr.v20180802

Errata: https://errata.es-doc.org/static/view.html?uid=fabc475c-b22f-6162-89ca-345d8fdc97ce “tas instabilities lead to erroneous values of tasmax”

Due to the retraction of these datasets and the erroneous characteristics that may affect users output if it is used, we will be removing this data from the NCI systems immediately. When a new version of the data is available, we will provide access to the updated version as soon as possible. Details of all current and past retractions and errata affected CMIP6 data hosted at NCI is recorded on our CMIP Community page at: https://opus.nci.org.au/display/CMIP/CMIP6+Dataset+Errata(for which users may also become watchers on to receive page updates).

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact help@nci.org.au.

Preparing for CMIP6: Transition to official CMIP5 data repository – al33.

26 February at 10:01 AM

Dear Climate Data Users, Reminder: access to 'ua6/NCI_replica_tmp' and 'ua6/unofficial-ESG-replica', including data accessed in 'ua6/DRSv2' will be removed on Thursday 28th Feb, 2019. As advised in our email on the 17th January, we are transitioning users from the old ua6 CMIP5 data over to the new CMIP5 project spaces of al33 and rr3.The first stage of this transition is completed with access to ua6/authoritative and the respective THREDDs access removed on the 14th of Feb. The current stage of transitioning involves:

  1. Updating ua6/DRSv2 to ua6/DRSv3 – The DRS symlink tree will be transitioned to an updated DRS tree calledDRSv3 that points to al33 and rr3 data. DRSv3 is already available and ready for use. Data linked in the old DRSv2 is retained for provenance purposes but will not be accessible.
  2. ua6/NCI_replica_temp and ua6/unofficial-ESG-replica – Filesystem permissions will be removed. This data is not official data and users are now transitioned to use the official and more complete CMIP5 replica in al33.

Updates to that above directory spaces will occur on the 28th of Feb – no further notifications will be distributed via email before then. More information on how to access the new data collection project and to view the complete schedule for transitioning from the old data in ua6 is available from the CMIP Community site. Remember to join the new projects to continue to access the data. If you have any questions then please contact Kate.Snow@anu.edu.au from the NCI Data Collections Team or via help@nci.org.au.