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The projects are:

Project code Research Program (RP) Lead CI
v45 Extra-tropical variability Andy Hogg
w35 Drought Claire Carouge
w40 Extreme Rainfall Todd Lane
w42 Extreme Rainfall Steven Sherwood
w48 Tropical Variability Dietmar Dommenget
w97 Heatwaves Jason Evans

Which project to join if part of several RPs

We recommend people join all relevant projects but choose one project to work from. This will help people to collaborate with researchers from all the RPs they are part of.

Setup default project on Gadi

  • Check your default project. Connect to Gadi. Then type:


  • Change your default project. If the output from the previous step is not what you want, you need to open the ~/.config/gadi-login.conf file in a text editor. Change the project ID in this file then save and close the file. EXIT your login session (and all others you may have currently open) and log in back. Your default project should have changed (check as in step 1).