CLEX Roadmap

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CLEX Roadmap is a web-based tool we provide to help creating, storing and sharing data management plans (DMPs). The original Roadmap has been developed by the Digital Curation Centre and the University of California Curation Center (UC3). Our version has also been adapted to manage allocation of temporary storage in /g/data/hh5/tmp at NCI (see storage page).

Anyone who is associated to CLEX can have an account, however we do use a valid email list to check that you are authorised. If your email is not in the list you will receive a warning and we will receive a notification, we will then add your email asap. 

Roadmap mydashboard.png

When you log in to CLEX Roadmap you will be directed to the 'My Dashboard' page, shown above. From here you can edit, share, download, copy or remove any of your plans. You will also see plans that have been shared with you by others.

On the navigation tab at the top of the page you can also select to create a new plan, apply for storage or view all your storage allocations.

The CLEX Roadmap_user_guide shows in more detail, how to create an account, submit a storage request and create a new plan. Here, we provide just an overview.


We provide a 'CLEX template' to create the plans, this template includes three separate phases. The phases reflect the different potential uses of a DMP, as we illustrated in the data management plan page.

  • Basic DMP - is a complete DMP in itself. It can be used as an attachment to a grant application
  • Provenance - is a set of questions that helps you putting together your data provenance, producing more detailed metadata and keeping track of your data workflow
  • Publishing DMP - is used to collect details of a completed dataset to help with its publication. The answers to these questions will be exported to create metadata records for the repositories we use to publish. They will also be used to annotate the dataset NetCDF files. This is why some of these require specific formats.

More information on how to create and manage a plan is also available in the Roadmap_plans page.

Storage allocations

The disk storage available in the NCI hh5 project is used as a shared resource, for anyone who need temporarily some extra disk to analyse data. CLEX Roadmap helps us to manage these allocations as we can use to record some essential information: the size of the allocation, who is responsible and what data will be stored there.

This information helps us:

  • to prioritise and efficiently and equitably allocated the shared storage based on users' needs
  • individuate quickly who is responsible for the stored data should there be any issue with it
  • manage the file access permissions 
  • take decisions on the data if left back after a user move to a different position

For more details on the process you can also check the storage request page.