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Research programs (RPs) and RP leads

Research Program RP leads CMS person
Climate Variability Andy Hogg, Mat England, Dietmar Dommenget, Neil Holbrooke Aidan Heerdegen, Holger Wolff
Heatwaves and Cold air outbreaks Michael Reeder, Jason Evans Paola Petrelli
Rainfall Extremes Todd Lane, Julie Arblaster Scott Wales
Drought Mike Roderick, Andy Pitman Danny Eisenberg


Andy Pitman: Director

Todd Lane: Vice-director

Christian Jakob

Michael Reeder

Dietmar Dommenget

Steven Sherwood

Lisa Alexander

Julie Arblaster

Nerilie Abram

Gab Abramowitz

Nathaniel Bindoff

Jason Evans

Andy Hogg

Peter Strutton



We can publish blogs whenever we have something worth to be published. Just write the post and ask for a review. Note: it can be faster to publish a post from a helpdesk question right after finishing helping the user than to postpone it.


To communicate new work:

  1. update all documentation
  2. advertise on CMS news page

Help desk

There is now a roster for the help desk:

Monday Claire / Danny
Tuesday Scott
Wednesday Holger
Thursday Aidan
Friday Paola

Main tasks on "help desk day" are:

  1. Helpdesk
  2. Documentation / training update. Don't forget this page with information on editing the wiki
  3. Other work


We need to update our priorities regularly (~3 months). Update on Trello (and/or spreadsheet?) in consultation with the Infrastructure Committee. Communicate to CIs.

NCI Projects husbandry

  1. Every 6 months, send a list of members for each CoE projects to CIs. It's a reminder to clean up the memberships.
  2. Everyone is in charge of caring for one or several projects. See tables below.
  3. Need to keep track every week or so of the storage and SU usage (use ncimonitor)
  4. Contact users if people are on track to exceed storage
  5. Contact Aidan if people are on track to exceed SU.

NCI Projects

See this page

Other CoE-Related:


dt6 Andy Pitman Land stuff
e14 Matthew England Ocean stuff


Project Lead CI Description Carer
access Scott Wales, Claire Carouge Software group for ACCESS, need membership to run ACCESS Scott
ks32 Paola Petrelli ARCCSS and CLEX data Paola
ub4 Paola Petrelli Era-Interim Data Paola
rr3 Kate Snow ESGF CMIP5 Australian Data Publication Paola
al33 Kate Snow ESGF CMIP5 Data Replication Paola
oi10 Kate Snow ESGF CMIP6 Data Replication Paola
fs38 Kate Snow ESGF CMIP6 Australian Data Publication Paola
p66 Tony Hirst ACCESS GCM
rq7 Paola Petrelli YOTC Paola
rr4 BoM ACCESS NWP data
rr7 Aurel Moise,
Paola Petrelli
Reanalyses Paola
wd9 Paola Petrelli CABLE evaluation datasets Paola
hh5 Claire Carouge Climate LIEF storage grant Paola
ua8 Paola Petrelli Miscellaneous data Paola
ik11 Andy Hogg Shared COSIMA input data Aidan
sx70 Claire Carouge Shared WRF input data Claire

Cloud projects

fe2_2 ARCCSS cloud
ju7_1 CWSlab

Requesting Met Office accounts for users

New accounts need a sponsor from their institution Sponsors are listed at https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/admin/wiki/GroupSponsors, Current ARCCSS sponsors are Scott, Claire and Holger Instructions for an account request are at https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/admin/wiki/NewUserChecklist

In brief, create a ticket at https:code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/admin/newticket?type=account-request with the user's name and email address, like https:code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/admin/ticket/758

Useful contacts

Ben Evans ben.evans@anu.edu.au
Claire Trenham claire.trenham@csiro.au
Clare Richards clare.richards@anu.edu.au
Kelsey Drunken kelsey.drunken@anu.edu.au
User Support
Roger Edberg roger.edberg@anu.edu.au
Brian Davis brian.davis@anu.edu.au
Bob Pitt In charge of access-svn.nci.org.au. (e.g. certificate renewal etc)

conda environment

CMS maintains an anaconda installation on the NCI systems. To add new packages to the unstable analysis environments clone the | conda-envs repository. The master branches contains nothing but a README. The magic happens in other branches. There are two branches, analysis27}} and{{analysis3, for the python2 and python3 environments.

Checkout an analysis branch, add the package name to environment.yml and then commit your change. If the package is to be added to both branches checkout the other branch and make the same change and commit.

Next push altered branches to the repository. If both branches have been updated push both at the same time:

git push origin analysis27 analysis3

Pushing the branches will trigger testing and updating on the jenkins instance. The status of the conda environment update is viewable here:


Tips and tricks if problems with conda environments

  • Scott said: "for whatever reason (something to do with external c libraries I think) loading packages is sometimes order-dependent." If a package breaks the tests, put its import at the top of the list. It would then be loaded before whatever package is causing the issue.