Acquiring and compiling MOM5

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Acquiring the source code

The MOM source code can either be downloaded directly from the main sourcecode repository or through local repositories at NCI.

To acquire the CMS-supported version of the source code, type the following:

$ mkdir -p /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase     # Or some other directory
$ cd /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase

where ${PROJECT}}} is your default project group and {{${USER}}} is your username. This will download the latest version of the source code into a directory named {{mom.

Types of MOM5 build

A build script (mom/exp/MOM_compile.csh) for compiling MOM is included in the github repository.

The build script has been pre-configured to build the coupled ocean-only (MOM_solo) version of MOM. The script can also be modified to build other versions of MOM:

  • MOM_solo: Ocean-only MOM, without ice, land, or atmosphere
  • MOM_SIS: MOM coupled to the GFDL sea ice model (SIS)
  • EBM: Ocean / sea ice / land model coupled to an energy-balanced (radiation) atmosphere model (EBM)
  • ICCM: Ocean / sea ice / land / atmosphere
  • CM2M: CMIP-based ocean / sea ice / land / atmosphere
  • ESM2M: Coupled Earth System Model (biogeochemistry)

Building MOM5

To use the build script copy and paste the following (choosing which type of build you wish):

# From the source code directory
$ cd mom/exp
$ ./MOM_compile.csh --platform nci --use_netcdf4 --type MOM_SIS

Compilation should require approximately 10-20 minutes, and will place an executable in the following directory path:


relative to /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase if you followed the previous instructions.