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Template:Stub This is a stub page and needs expansion (Accessdev) is the control server for submitting UM jobs

Getting Connected

To connect to Accessdev you will need to be a member of the NCI ACCESS group.

You can then connect to Accessdev with


replacing USER with your own NCI username.

Getting Set Up

There are different setup requirements depending on if you are wanting to run newer versions of the UM or the CMIP5-era ACCESS 1 models

UM 10+ / ACCESS 2 (Rose + Cylc)

1. Request a MOSRS account

2. Setup a GPG password cache:

On Acessdev run


to setup a GPG agent (a program that stores your passwords)

Then log out and back in again, and run


to save your password into the agent.

3. Setup SSH connections

To be able to see the status of jobs Rose+Cylc needs to be able to SSH to and from Gadi

Download and run the script accessdev-gadi-setup on accessdev to have this set up automatically for you

Job submission troubleshooting