ANU data requirements and tools

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Data management

ANU library provides Data Management guidelines on their website. Metadata for dataset is collected via ANU Data Commons. They have a two steps online template that you can fill in. In the second step you can attach documents related to your data as a DMP. The Data Management Manual provides all details.


Data storage and publishing

ANU Data Commons is the ANU’s repository for long-term storage and dissemination of data.


When you leave

I couldn't find yet specific information on this. I suppose that anything that requires a university account access won't be accessible anymore directly. If your data is managed as a project data you might be able to retrieve it going through someone else in the project unless the access is public.


e-research services

For other services and bigger storage options ANU relies on NCI data services. ANU provides Alliance as an online collaboration environment. It can be accessed through any web browser and provides tools such as a wiki, forums, and calendar. All ANU staff and students can log into Alliance and create a ‘project’. You can only upload files up to 25 Mb.