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Australian Gridded Climate Data

The Australian Gridded Climate Data (AGCD) is the new BoM official dataset for climate analyses. It includes rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature and vapour pressure. Data is available at daily and monthly timescales. It should be used in preference of its predecessor AWAP.

There are currently two version available:

  • AGCD/AWAP v1 (from 1900-01-01 to 2018-12-31) 
  • AGCD v2 (from 1900-01-01 to 2020-05-31). 

The data is available on the Native (original) resolution 0.01 degrees (approximately 1 km) and a grid averaged resolution of 0.05 degrees (approximately 5 km) 

For more information and official documentation :


Data should be cited as :
Australian Bureau of Meteorology (2020), "Australian Gridded Climate Data ( AGCD ) / AWAP ; v1.0.0 Snapshot (1900-01-01 to 2020-06-30)". Downloaded from on [date].

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (2020), "Australian Gridded Climate Data ( AGCD ) ; v2.0.0 Snapshot (1900-01-01 to 2020-05-31)". Downloaded from on [date].


Data access

Data is available on the NCI server in project zv2.

Directory structure:





  • <version> : v1 or v2
  • <variable>:  precip, tmax,  tmin,  vapourpres_h09,  vapourpres_h15
  • <frequency>:  01day/daily or 01month/monthly for directories/files respectively
  • <grid>: r001 (0.01 degrees) and r005 (0.05 degrees)
  • <mode> : total, calib (only for v1), weight (only for v1)