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CMS is unable to advise on the scientific merits of the different CMIP5 experiments. For an introduction to CMIP5 experiments please take a look at the references at

Ancillary Files

CMIP 5 Ancillary files can be found in ~access/data/ancils/CMIP5. These can be used for both atmosphere-only and coupled versions of ACCESS.

There are 5 types of ancil files:

Soot BC_hi_*
Biomass Bio_*
Organic Carbon & Fossil Fuel OCFF_*
Sulphur sulp_* or scycle_*
Ozone SPARCO3_*

These files are available for either pre-industrial (1850), historical (1850-2000) or as a variety of RCP scenarios (2001-2100), as well as a number of single-year files which can be used as periodic forcings.

The historical forcings for 2000-2005 have been prepended to the RCP forcing files, to make it simple for starting from the ACCESS restart files (which are archived for the start of every decade)


In an atmosphere-only job these inputs can be set in the UMUI, in the Ancillaries section



The model uses the INITHIS namelist file to find the paths to the ancillary forcing files. For a coupled model job you can set the files with a command in the `init}}` file just after where it runs `{{cp INITHIS.RCP85_ocff_hg2r11_dust INITHIS` like:

# Specify ancil files
sed -i INITHIS \
    -e 's|^\s*\(SULPEMIS\)\s*=.*| \1 = '"'"'\1 : /g/data1/e14/saw562/access-cm-inputs/sulp_RCP85_2005.N96'"'"',|' \
    -e 's|^\s*\(OCFFEMIS\)\s*=.*| \1 = '"'"'\1 : /g/data1/e14/saw562/access-cm-inputs/OCFF_RCP85_2005.N96'"'"',|' \
    -e 's|^\s*\(BIOMASS\)\s*=.*| \1 = '"'"'\1 : /g/data1/e14/saw562/access-cm-inputs/Bio_RCP85_2005.N96'"'"',|' \
    -e 's|^\s*\(SOOTEMIS\)\s*=.*| \1 = '"'"'\1 : /g/data1/e14/saw562/access-cm-inputs/BC_hi_RCP85_2005.N96'"'"',|' \
    -e 's|^\s*\(OZONE\)\s*=.*| \1 = '"'"'\1 : /g/data1a/e14/saw562/access-cm-inputs/SPARCO3_2005_L38.anc'"'"',|'

(replace the paths here with the ancillary files you'd like to use)

Trace Gasses

Trace gasses, including CO2 and CFCs, are set directly in the namelist file CNTLATM, in the arrays `CLIM_FCG_YEAR}}` and `{{CLIM_FCG_LEVLS`. These arrays tell the model the mass mixing ratio (MMR) of each of the trace gasses for the given year.

The gas types in the model are:

1 co2
2 methane
3 n2o
4 cfc11
5 cfc12
8 cfc113
9 hcfc22
10 hfc125
11 hfc124a


If using an atmosphere-only run these tables can be set in the 'Trace Gasses' section of the UMUI. Cmip5-umui-tracegasses.png


If using the coupled model the namelist file CNTLATM will need to be edited, for instance by changing the line

cp CNTLATM.template-RCP85_so2_ocff_hg2r11 CNTLATM

to copy from a different path (the originals can be found under /projects/access/data/ACCESS_CMIP5/um_control/hg2-r1.1-M2_Hist/)

In this file, set the following arrays as desired, replacing $GASTYPE with the trace gas number in the table above:

CLIM_FCG_NYEARS($GASTYPE) Number of years for linear interpolation
CLIM_FCG_YEARS(:, $GASTYPE) List of years
CLIM_FCG_LEVLS(:, $GASTYPE) Mass mixing ratio at each year (up to CLIM_FCG_NYEARS)

After the final year in the table the mass mixing ratio will be held constant. See the 'Help' section in the UMUI trace gasses pages for full details