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HadGEM2 with CABLE2.0


Ruth Lorenz, [|]


Based on Greg Roff's (BoM) ACCESS 1.3 job on Solar, but with CABLE2.0 instead of 1.8. Updated sea surface temperature and sea ice input files to cover longer time period (1950-2011). Set up on Raijin by Ruth Lorenz with help from Scott Wales and Jhan Srbinovsky. Updated Sea surface temperature and sea ice files provided by Dan Copsey (Met Office),

Specific Ancillary files

/short/public/rzl561/input_data/sst_amip_1870-2012_n96 /short/public/rzl561/input_data/seaice_amip_1870-2012_n96

Use Cases

Control run as benchmark for following runs with CABLE2.0

Modules of the Experiment

Atmosphere UM 7.3
Land Surface CABLE 2.0
Ocean Prescribed (AMIP)
Configuration HadGEM3 (beta)


With 8x16 Cores, 1 year is modelled in roughly 2h40m

Job submission

uakpe (accesscollab) vacfa (accessdev)

Code Repositories

[[1]] [[2]]


Lorenz, R., Pitman, A. J., Donat, M. G., Hirsch, A. L., Kala, J., Kowalczyk, E. A., Law, R. M., and Srbinovsky, J.: Representation of climate extreme indices in the ACCESS1.3b coupled atmosphere–land surface model, Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 545-567, | doi:10.5194/gmd-7-545-2014, 2014.