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=Model Name=  
=Model Name=  
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Template:Unsupported: CLEX CMS does not ordinarily provide support for this configuration, either due to its age or it being outside the scope of the Centre's research. Please contact us before starting any major work with this configuration
Template:Old Model: This configuration isn't available on any existing machine anymore. This page is only kept for information purposes of existing simulations.

Model Name

ACCESS 1.3 Coupled Model as used in CMIP5. Includes UM 7.3 atmosphere, CABLE 1.8 land surface, CICE sea ice, MOM 4 ocean coupled using Oasis3

The model is not available in the UMUI, instead it is run from a set of shell scripts created at CSIRO



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Additional information

Used by Sophie Lewis for historical, historicalGHG and historicalNat CMIP5 runs


Titles refer to UM decomposition.


  • Walltime:
  • Memory usage:
  • Average load:
  • Output directory size:


  • Reproducible running an identical job twice?
  • Reproducible across different decompositions?


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