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ACCESS1.3 model for the atmospheric model intercomparison project.


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Originated from Greg Roff's (BoM) ACCESS 1.3 job on Solar, designed to be an exact replica for Vayu Note that due to different libraries on Raijin this is no longer an exact match to the Solar runs

Set up on Vayu/Raijin by Scott

Use Cases

<What is the purpose of the Experiment, what other use cases could you envision?>

Modules of the Experiment

Atmosphere UM7.3
Land Surface CABLE 1.8
Ocean Prescribed (AMIP)
Configuration HadGEM3 (beta)


<Just some estimates on how many days/months/years you could model in a certain time frame.> <Obviously you'd have to mention the number of cores for this.>

Job submission

  • Accessdev
    • vabha
  • Accesscollab
    • saaqb (Vayu)
    • sabqa

Code Repositories



<Are there any publications that this experiment contributed to? If yes, give us a list.>