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Model Name

ACCESS 1.0 Coupled Model as used in CMIP5. Includes UM 7.3 atmosphere, MOSES land surface, CICE sea ice, MOM 4 ocean coupled using Oasis3

The model is not available in the UMUI, instead it is run from a set of shell scripts.

A guide to setting up and running the model on the old supercomputer Raijin can be found at

Running on Gadi

NOTE: Consider using ACCESS-ESM 1.5 for new runs on Gadi, it is much simpler to use

1. Build the models

2. Change the executable paths in your *.init file to point to the newly built model executables (note the timestamp in the file name will need to be changed)

cp -f $ACCESS_BINDIR/oasis3_MPI1.20200130.RJ         $cpl_exe
cp -f $ACCESS_BINDIR/mom4_MPI1.exe.20200130.VAYU     $ocn_exe
cp -f $ACCESS_BINDIR/cice_MPI1.VAYU_6p_20200130      $ice_exe
cp -f $ACCESS_BINDIR/um_hg2-r1.1.exe-20200131        $atm_exe

3. Set the recommended PBS headers for Gadi

#PBS -q normal
#PBS -l ncpus=144
#PBS -l mem=192gb
#PBS -l walltime=00:10:00
#PBS -l wd
#PBS -W umask=0022
#PBS -l storage=scratch/access+gdata/access

4. Set the recommended Decomposition (for a total of 144 cpus, 384 gb memory)

Component Variable Value
MOM oce_nx 8
MOM oce_ny 5
MOM nproc_ocn 40 (oce_nx * oce_ny)
CICE nproc_ice 6

5. Fix the main script (e.g. 'a10_hist')

A few edits are required throughout the script:

# Should point to the 'bin' directory from building the model

# Also load openmpi here
module load openmpi/4.0.2

# ...

# Replace the square brackets and their contents with 'true'
# if [[ "$PBS_O_HOST" == "raijin*" || "$PBS_O_HOST" == "r"*{0,2}(\d) ]] ; then
if true; then
         export exec_site="NCI"
         export exec_system="raijin"

# ...

# Change '/short' to '/scratch'
export SHORTDIR="/scratch/$PROJECT/$USER"

Model Configurations