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ACCESS-ESM Last Interglacial

The configuration parameters for the Last Interglacial (LIG) should follow the experiment setup in LIG Design.

The configuration for the Last Interglacial Model of ACCESS-ESM is based on the payu version of ACCESS-ESM piControl.

See pre-industrial on how to configure payu.

Differences between piControl and LIG

The differences between piControl and LIG fall in two categories:


Some concentrations are different between piControl and LIG:

Molecule pIControl (MMR) LIG
CO2 4.314801e-04 275 ppm
CH4 4.470459e-07 695 ppb
N2O 4.143596e-07 225 pbb

These values are set in the payu control directory, under Template:Atmosphere/namelists, with the variable names CO2_MMR, CH4MMR, and N2OMMR, respectively. Since ACCESS-ESM expects these values to be in Mass-Mixing Ratio, the desired values have to be converted from ppm/ppb to MMR.


The path of earth around the sun has changed since the last interglacial, so changes have to be accommodated.

Parameter pIControl LIG
eccentricity 1.6710222E-02 0.039378
obliquity 0.409092804 24.04°
perihelion-180° 102.94719*PI/180.0 275.41°
Date of vernal equinox March 21 at noon March 21 at noon
Time of parahelion passage in days 2.667 170.9046