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Versions of ACCESS-CM 2.0 with the atmosphere resolution reduced


A sample of converting an existing ACCESS-CM2 run to N48 resolution is u-bv332. Similar changes could be made to any of the ACCESS-CM 2.0 experiments to run them at N48 resolution.

Consult the diff on Trac for a full list of settings changes

Notable changes to the model are:

  • Land mask and land fraction re-generated by interpolating the ocean mask to the atmosphere grid
  • Orography remade using CAP
  • Enabled default rivstor and rivseq ancillaries
  • Other ancillary files regridded to N48
  • Oasis weight files replaced
  • suite.rc changes to warm starts to allow regridding from N96 runs

Science Changes:

  • l_easyaerosol_{lw,sw,zonal} disabled
  • l_adjust_theta disabled
  • l_skeb2 disabled
  • l_ukca disabled

These changes are both for run speed and due to input data needing to be regridded, they can be re-enabled if desired

Ancillary data files were regridded with 'umtool regrid', available in Conda

ACCESS-CM 2.0 Prototype N48

Rose ID: u-ba839

Science Contacts: Chen Li, Dietmar Dommenget

A prototype version of ACCESS-CM 2.0, with the atmosphere resolution reduced to N48L38

A list of changes from the prototype ACCESS-CM 2.0 run is available on MOSRS at

Data files needed to use the run are stored in $N48_DATA, by default this points to /short/w48/saw562/access2-n48-data