To make files available to the public we use NCI thredds catalogue.

NB Once the dataset is added to the NCI thredds server the files will be available for download to anyone, so if this is not suitable for your data or you want to apply an embargo period you have to clearly detail that and we'll work out a different solution or delay the release of the data.

ARCCSS data collection

The THREDDS Data Server (TDS) is a web server that provides metadata and data access for scientific datasets, using a variety of remote data access protocols.

Some of these are only available for NetCDF data, below is an example of one of our dataset you can follow the links to get an idea.

OPENDAP: /thredds/dodsC/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

HTTPServer: /thredds/fileServer/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

WMS: /thredds/wms/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

WCS: /thredds/wcs/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

NetcdfSubset: /thredds/ncss/grid/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

NCML: /thredds/ncml/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

UDDC: /thredds/uddc/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

ISO: /thredds/iso/ua8/ARCCSS_Data-1/v1-0/

HTTPServer is to download the file as it is

OPeNDAP is a widely used, subsetting data access method extending the HTTP protocol. Many software can open an opendap url and read the data as they would with a local file.

Web Coverage Service (WCS) is used to transfer "coverages", ie. objects covering a geographical area.

Web Mapping Service (WMS) is used by map servers to deliver map images.

NetCDF Subset Service allows subsetting certain CDM datasets in coordinate space, using a REST API. Gridded data subsets can be returned in CF-compliant netCDF-3 or netCDF-4. Point data subsets can be returned in CSV, XML, or CF-DSG netCDF files.

There are also some data viewers that can be enabled through thredds.

NB Ascii files can be made available only via the HTTPserver, so they can only be downloaded as they are.